With the trend of becoming global citizens, many investors choose the form of immigration investment in which European countries are chosen by many investors because of the simple and fast application procedure and at a reasonable cost.


Which are Easiest European countries for Immigration investment?

Which are Easiest European countries for Immigration investment? / ph: pexels 

1. Cyprus 

Program requirements:

Invest 1 property worth at least EUR 300,000 (must go through government approval) and not be sold (property is not accumulated).

Program advantages:

- Low investment amount, 3 generations of immigration

Real estate investment opportunities

- Permanent residence card valid for 5 years, no requirement for length of stay.

- Official member of the EU

- Education system according to British standards (with affiliated programs with universities in the EU, USA and Canada), public schools are free of charge.

2. Malta

Program requirements:

Satisfy the following two conditions at the same time:

Purchase of EUR 250,000 of government bonds, this investment must be maintained for at least 5 years.

Invest in real estate (maintained for 5 years): choose 1 of 2 ways below.

Buy 1 property: around 320,000 EUR in Malta area, 270,000 EUR in the South and Gozo island

OR rent real estate at Malta region about over 60,000 EUR / 5 years, at South and Gozo island region about 50,000 EUR / 5 years.

Advantages of the Malta Immigrant Investment Program:

- Low investment amount and family migration for 4 generations

Free education and medical care.  Low tax system with many incentives

Malta has no real estate tax, no inheritance tax, no asset or net asset worth tax.

Approve first, invest later, quick completion time of 4-6 months

Developed financial center, strategic location, advanced infrastructure

Additionally, Malta is one of the countries that use English as an official language which can also be considered a great advantage of this country.

3. Greek

Program requirements:

Investors only need to invest from 250,000 EUR in real estate

The Greek immigration investment program has the following advantages:

Low investment costs from only 250,000 EUR

- 100% success rate, simple procedure, no financial proof is required

No residency requirement

Visa-free for other Schengen countries, convenient to travel to Europe

Application processing time is only from 3-6 months, the investor’s 3 generations receive permanent residence cards

Real estate has high profitability from 3%-5%

No language required

No financial or property investigation

Issuance of a residence card with a term of 5 years

7 years residence can apply for naturalization

Investors do not have to be in Greece

- Children enjoy the benefits of free of charge education

4. Portugal

Program requirements:

- Invest at least 500,000 EURO in real estate maintained within 5 years and own GOLDEN VISA (real estate is accumulated)

Invest at least 350,000 EURO in an above 30 years old real estate project or located in a key development of the city.  (The project is located right in the old town of Libson)

Advantages of the Portugal Immigrant Investor Program:

Get result within two months, the investor’s 3 generations receive permanent residence cards, after 5 years to become a Permanent Resident, get naturalization after 6 years of residence.

No financial proof, no background, no qualifications, no age restrictions

No residency requirement, zero rejection rate, free to work and business 

The real estate market is currently at a low level, which is a good opportunity to buy, 5 years later can sell for a profit.

Freedom to travel to other European countries without a visa

Become an European resident, enjoy European social welfare

Not in a global tax country

Free-worry about property loss

Investors only need to buy one or more real estate, can make business or lease to make profit from real estate and can resell after required time (can buy many types of real estate: apartment,  shops, offices, villas…).

Companion: Legal spouse, Children under 18 years old, children over 18 years old need to prove single, studying and financially dependent on the applicant;  Parents on both sides.

Above are some suggestions to answer the question "Which are Easiest European countries for Immigration investment?".  In general, each program has its own advantages, depending on the suitability of each investor's criteria to make the right choice.


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