Top 3 Assets need to be Managed to Achieve Financial Freedom

If managing below 3 available assets, your life would go well. Although these assets are what everyone owns, we often take them for granted and only regret when we lose them.

1- Manage Self-Image 

In a working environment, people tend to focus on cultivating capabilities.  However, most of us forget that first impression psychology plays a very important role in people's minds.

Appearance as well as conversations, the first interactions between you and others will leave an unforgettable impression on the other person's mind.  In other words, your image is the first business card when you join the workplace.

Top 3 Assets need to be Managed to Achieve Financial Freedom

Although each person's capacities are extremely important indicators. But first impressions are the most important Only when you bring a good image to the other person, they are ready to give you the opportunity to show your capabilities.

2- Personal Time Management

After 8 hours of working at the office many people allow themselves to rest, relax in the evening, go out on weekends, gather friends on the street, watch movies... This is why after a few years, you will realize that the gap between you and the rich people around you is getting bigger and bigger.

When you let your free time die, time will also ignore your future.  If you don't know how to use your time to create value, you will never become richer.

3- Investment Portfolio Management

It has been proven that most people who win the lottery get rich quick and go bankrupt just as quickly.  The mistake they all make is the difference in their perception of financial management and investing skills.

Top 3 Assets need to be Managed to Achieve Financial Freedom

In fact, many successful people agree that it is harder to hold a large sum of money than to make a large sum of money.  In other words, if you don't pay attention to investing and don't grasp how to increase your wealth, no matter how much money you have, that money amount will evaporate at a fast rate more than your imagination.  This is also the main factor that makes the rich get richer.

Only when you know how to invest and manage your investment portfolio will you have financial freedom Among many investment factors, the wisdom of choosing a investment portfolio is much more important than the term and amount of the investment.  In other words, the key to successful investing is not how much you invest, but how you invest Investor Warren Buffett once said, "Starting saving money and investing wisely early is a good habit to increase wealth."

Top 3 Assets need to be Managed to Achieve Financial Freedom

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