The Nordics Real Estate Revolution: Swiss Life Asset Managers Takes the Lead

Read about Swiss Life Asset Managers's strategic move to enter the Nordics market through the acquisition of a Swedish real estate firm, solidifying its presence in the region.

Swiss Life Asset Managers has recently announced the acquisition of Wilfast Förvaltning AB, a prominent real estate company based in Sweden. This strategic move is aimed at strengthening Swiss Life Asset Managers' presence in the Nordics and solidifying its position as one of Europe’s top institutional real estate managers.

Swiss Life Asset Managers Strengthens Presence in Nordics with Real Estate Firm Acquisition

The acquisition, which was made for an undisclosed sum, is expected to significantly enhance Swiss Life Asset Managers' geographic footprint in the Nordics. Additionally, it is anticipated to further bolster the company's standing as a leading player in the European real estate market.

As part of the acquisition, all employees of Wilfast Förvaltning AB will be retained at the company's Gothenburg location. This decision reflects Swiss Life Asset Managers' commitment to maintaining the existing talent and expertise within the organization. Wilfast Förvaltning AB, founded in 1992, has been providing property services and project development within the real estate sector.

Wilfast manages real estate with an underlying property value of SEK 20 billion, covering a total area of approximately 1.6 million square meters. The company specializes in commercial properties in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. Swiss Life Asset Managers has a history of successful collaboration with Wilfast on various projects, further underscoring the strategic fit between the two entities.

The acquisition of Wilfast Förvaltning AB by Swiss Life Asset Managers represents a significant milestone for both companies. It is expected to pave the way for enhanced capabilities and expanded opportunities in the Nordic real estate market, further solidifying Swiss Life Asset Managers' position as a key player in the European real estate landscape.

The Nordics Real Estate Revolution: Swiss Life Asset Managers Takes the Lead

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