Melbourne Tops the List as the Premier Destination for Offshore Property Seekers in Australia

Melbourne has emerged as the top choice for offshore property seekers in Australia, witnessing a significant surge in rental interest from international buyers. Exclusive data from PropTrack reveals that searches for properties have doubled pre-pandemic levels nationwide, with Victoria's capital leading the way. 

 Melbourne Tops the List as the Premier Destination for Offshore Property Seekers in Australia | ogusyis

In this article, we delve into the reasons behind Melbourne's popularity and explore potential solutions to address the housing shortage.

Rental Interest from China Drives Melbourne's Appeal

PropTrack's data indicates that Melbourne, particularly Torquay on the Surf Coast and Mulgrave in the southeast, has captured the attention of overseas renters. Torquay's allure stems from its proximity to Geelong, Deakin University, and Melbourne, making it an attractive location for those seeking a vibrant lifestyle and easy commuting options. Families are drawn to the area due to its excellent schools like Geelong Grammar, Sacred Heart, and St Joseph's College.

Foreign Investment from China Boosts the Property Market

The recent quarterly foreign investment report by the Foreign Investment Review Board highlights that Chinese investors spent an additional $1 billion on Australian homes in the past financial year. Victoria, especially Melbourne, attracted a significant share of these buyers, with one-third of them seeking properties in the state. PropTrack's data reveals a 36.9% YoY increase in home buying searches from China, while rental searches nearly doubled since pre-pandemic levels.

Inner-City Suburbs Garner Attention from Overseas Buyers

Brunswick East and Carlton North have emerged as the most sought-after destinations for overseas buyers. These inner-city suburbs have witnessed substantial apartment development in recent years, making them desirable options for students and investors alike. Proximity to universities and hospitals serves as a driving factor behind the popularity of these suburbs among offshore buyers, particularly from Asia.

Addressing the Housing Shortage

With the increasing population and housing demand, it is crucial to find solutions to ease the housing shortage in Melbourne. Several strategies can be implemented to meet this challenge. Firstly, construction efforts should focus on building more properties in areas that people prefer to live in, such as inner-city suburbs. Additionally, utilizing spare rooms in existing homes can help accommodate a portion of the housing demand. Moreover, adopting build-to-rent models, similar to those seen in the UK and the US, can increase the supply of rental properties and provide more affordable options for residents.

Melbourne's appeal to offshore property seekers, particularly from China, has surged in recent times. The city's vibrant lifestyle, proximity to universities and hospitals, and strong rental market have made it an attractive destination for international buyers. However, addressing the housing shortage remains crucial, and a multi-faceted approach involving strategic construction, efficient use of existing spaces, and innovative rental models can help alleviate the housing crisis and ensure a sustainable future for Melbourne's property market.

Melbourne Tops the List as the Premier Destination for Offshore Property Seekers in Australia

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