Portuguese Golden Visa Programme Continues to Attract Foreign Investors | Latest Updates

Despite forthcoming legislative changes, the Portuguese 'golden visa' programme, officially known as the Residence Permit for Investment Activity (ARI), has been witnessing a steady influx of foreign investors. In July alone, the programme generated an impressive €57.2 million, representing a 30% surge compared to the same month in the previous year.

Portuguese 'Golden Visa' Programme Continues to Attract Foreign Investors | Latest Updates

American citizens led the pack in acquiring golden visas, followed closely by investors from the Philippines, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and South Africa. Notably, a significant portion of the investment went towards real estate purchases, with a particular focus on urban rehabilitation projects.

Foreign Investors Flock to Portugal:

Recent data from the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) reveals that American citizens secured 16 golden visas in July, making them the frontrunners in terms of investment activity. Investors from the Philippines obtained 13 permits, while citizens from the United Kingdom, Brazil, and South Africa secured 10 and 9 permits, respectively. This surge in interest emphasizes Portugal's allure and confirms its status as a prime investment destination. Despite the impending legislative changes, current applications for the granting and renewal of residence permits for investment activities remain unaffected. This includes requests under prior control procedures in municipal chambers.

Real Estate Investment:

Among the total golden visas granted in July, 61 were tied to real estate purchases, forming an investment worth €41 million. A significant portion of this investment, €7.8 million, was directed towards urban rehabilitation projects. These figures underscore the popularity of the Portuguese property sector among foreign investors. The 'golden visa' programme's focus on real estate has continued to yield lucrative returns, attracting investors from around the globe.

Upcoming Legislative Changes:

Although legislative changes are on the horizon, the current applications for the 'golden visa' programme will remain valid. This continuity provides reassurance to investors, highlighting the stability of the Portuguese economy. The upcoming amendments are expected to introduce limitations, but it's worth mentioning that they will not impact residence permits for investment activities already under consideration. Additionally, the new law explicitly excludes family reunification permits from the adopted limitations.

Portugal's Enduring Appeal:

The consistent allure of Portugal's 'golden visa' programme demonstrates the enduring appeal of the country as a viable investment destination. Despite the forthcoming changes, the programme's focus on real estate and urban rehabilitation confirms the lucrative nature of the property sector for foreign investors. Portugal's stable economy and attractive investment opportunities continue to attract individuals seeking profitable ventures and a chance to obtain residence permits.

Portugal's 'golden visa' programme has once again proven its attractiveness to foreign investors, with July witnessing a surge in investments. The balanced mix of real estate options and urban rehabilitation projects within the programme appeals to a diverse range of investors, including American citizens, who lead the pack in terms of the permits acquired. Despite the impending legislative changes, the continuity of processing current applications ensures stability and reassurance for prospective investors. Portugal stands strong as a preferred investment destination, underpinned by its enduring charm and lucrative opportunities.

Portuguese Golden Visa Programme Continues to Attract Foreign Investors | Latest Updates

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