Germany is About to Ease Citizenship Rules

Great news for people seeking to acquire German citizenship! The German Interior Ministry published a draft law on May 19, making it easier to become a citizen of Germany. The bill reduces the duration of residence required before naturalization from 8 years to just 5 or 3 years. Additionally, the law allows for multiple citizenships and eases the German language requirements for migrant labours who arrived in Germany in the 1950s and 1960s, particularly those of Turkish descent. 

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This new law will be presented in parliament this summer, in a move to open up the German labor market to non-European Union nationals. The country is in need of hundreds of thousands of workers in various sectors like culinary and childcare, information technology, and renewable energy. The new legislation aims at drawing highly-skilled workers and increasing diversity, making Germany more inclusive than ever before.

Currently, Germany has approximately 72.4 million citizens, but there are also 10.7 million foreign nationals, of which 5.7 million have been in the country for more than 10 years. This new law will encourage more people to become citizens of Germany, which will enhance their lifestyles and increase their chances of contributing to the country.

In conclusion, the German government is taking significant steps to welcome more foreign nationals. The possible changes in citizenship requirements are only the first step. It is essential to provide everyone with equal opportunities and create a more unified society, starting with opening the doors to become a German citizen for those who meet the required criteria.

Germany is About to Ease Citizenship Rules

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