Jews seem to have an innate sensitivity to money.  Jews make up half of the world's richest entrepreneurs, one-third of the millionaires in the United States.  Oil king Rockefeller, one of history's most successful financiers - George Soros, Wall Street legend founder - J.P Morgan. The people standing at the top of this pyramid are all outstanding representatives of the Jewish nation.

The below 7 mindsets are the reason why Jews around the world achieve such extraordinary success that the whole world admires.


1. Use the mind to make money

To make money, Jewish entrepreneurs appreciate ingenuity and use their brains to make money, only those who know how to make money are really smart.  So we need to use our brain to think, analyze, pay attention to emotional needs, maintain consumers’ value, make business easier.

2. 78:22 rule 

The 78:22 rule is a law of nature, 22% of industries as clothing, food, construction, jewelry, medicine, etc. basically account for about 78% of daily consumption.  Most of the traditional business of Jewish merchants was concentrated in these industries, especially in women's and children's goods.

Do you know Secrets of Jewish Wealth & Financial Prosperity?
Do you know Secrets of Jewish Wealth & Financial Prosperity? / ph: pexels 

The 78:22 rule is also common in the market that 22% of customers generate 78% of a company's profits and 22% of products are the core products of the company. Therefore, business activities need to be based on customer value, capture key products and key customers, to improve the efficiency of marketing efforts.

3. Reasonable spending

The Jews value frugality, but they do not hold money blindly.  They spend reasonably, not waste money and not save excessively.

If there is an opportunity to make money, Jews will not hesitate to try to invest.  So, if you want to get high returns, you must be willing to invest strongly to accumulate assets which will give you opportunity to develop your career.

4. Value time like gold

To the Jews, time is life and time is money.  Jews seize business opportunities on every minute and every second.

Therefore, in the competition in the market, you need to be one step ahead, always proactive and have a plan to respond to changes.

5. Rely on information to seize opportunities

In the business world, information is most important.  Jews take very seriously of information gathering in business competition which has made them famous as knowledgeable people, once there is an opportunity to make money, they will never let it slip away.  Therefore, we should seek information from many different sources and get accurate information to act quickly and seize opportunities.

6. Flexibility in coordinating all fields

According to the Jewish economist William Rison, the world has all the resources you need, all you have to do is collect them and use your wisdom to combine them properly.

7. Know how to avoid risks

Jews place great emphasis on risk management.  In the process of running the business, they pay special attention to safety and reliability.  Therefore, before investing, Jews will conduct market investigation, research and analysis.  And when they have decided to invest in business, they will definitely make 3 sets of short-term, medium-term and long-term plans rather than "putting eggs in one basket".


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