Top 4 Tips to Achieve Success in Homestay Business

Besides hotels and resorts, homestays are gradually becoming popular and attracting many travellers. What are factors for the success of homestay business? To achieve success in homestay business in a competitive time like this, investors need to focus on many more aspects.

1- Understanding potential customers

Understanding target customers is a key factor determining the success or failure of the homestay business.  Because depending on the characteristics of the personality and age of the target customers, you will have the right choice of location and design for homestay business.

Most potential customers for homestay are usually young people with the age from 18-30 years old.  The common point of this group of people is that they always love to explore and experience new and unique things.  Therefore, based on those two keywords, you will have a clearer orientation about the design of your homestay.

Top 4 Tips to Achieve Success in Homestay Business

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Among countless homestays with similar designs, the difference and highlight is what you need to design a homestay.  
unique and beautiful homestay will help attract more customers.

2- Location of homestay business

To open a homestay, the location of your business premises needs to meet the following criteria:

Views around the homestay expand with beautiful and poetic landscape.

Near tourist attractions.

Secluded from crowded and noisy streets.

Because when traveling, the need to rest and relax in a peaceful and comfortable space is always a top priority for many travellers.  Combined with the beautiful scenery around the homestay, many people who like photography will also come to your homestay.

3- Unique and beautiful homestay design

In addition to the beautiful location, the interior and exterior design of the homestay is also a factor that investors are interested in.  The more eye-catching and different the design, the easier it is to attract customers.  There are many homestay design styles for you to choose from.

You should design and arrange homestay with many types of rooms with different prices.  Catering to the needs of diverse tastes for traveller groups.  Single room for those who travel alone or prefer privacy.  As for the dormitory room types, it is for families, groups of close friends, and couples.  Thanks to this diversity, customers will have more choices when coming here.

Top 4 Tips to Achieve Success in Homestay Business

ph: instagram@floorgarden_jeju

In addition to the bedroom, the kitchen is also the most important area in the homestay.  A comfortable kitchen will make customers comfortable and increase sympathy for your homestay.  When designing the kitchen, it is necessary to create a cozy and familiar feeling like at home.

4- Promotion policy

With discount policies or bundled gifts, it is always attractive to customers.  It can be a discount program with conditions set for guests.  Or adding service packages such as serving free breakfast is also a very good idea and easy to apply.  Giving souvenirs that imbued with local culture when guests leaving will help customers impress and remember your homestay longer.

With 4 tips to achieve success in homestay business shared above, hope you will soon get profits in this tourism accommodation service.

Top 4 Tips to Achieve Success in Homestay Business

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