Portugal: The Ideal Destination for Digital Nomads

Recently, Portugal announced plans to develop digital nomad next month.

When it comes to digital nomad (a form in which a person lives a nomadic lifestyle while working remotely via technology and Internet), many people immediately think of tropical climate destinations.

However, this trend is gradually becoming popular in Europe.  Recently, Portugal announced plans to develop digital nomad next month.

Last week, the government confirmed that as of October 30, employees from any country that is not part of the European Union or the European Economic Area will be able to apply for a residence visa and  telecommuting in Portugal.

Portugal: The ideal destination for Digital Nomads

Required documents include proof of tax residency, employment details (labor contract) and proof of employee income.

Applicants will also have to earn at least four times the average Portuguese salary of 822 euros ($798).  Therefore, the minimum monthly income for digital nomads will be around 3,288 euros ($3,206).

The digital nomad community is growing rapidly in Europe, with more and more countries facilitating visas for expats working remotely.  Croatia, Iceland and Greece are among the countries that already offer this type of visa, while others such as Spain are planning to introduce a similar form soon.

Portugal seems to be a top destination to work and live.  This small country of 10 million people has many elements to attract digital nomads with beaches, cities and mountains.  Besides, the cost of living is cheaper than many other European countries and the US which also helps Portugal to be more popular.

According to the most recent data from the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Office, about 7,000 Americans are living and working here since the end of 2021. Overall, the percentage of expats living in Portugal is at an all-time high.

Portugal: The ideal destination for Digital Nomads

Research also shows that Portugal is the third safest country in the world for digital nomads. Furthermore, Portugal also ranks ninth in the ranking of the healthiest countries for people working and living abroad.  Digital nomad platform Nomad List ranks Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, as a top destination based on feedback from the platform's user community.

Portugal has even reached the top of the rankings while yet to issue an official digital nomad visa.  One of Portugal's visa options is the D7, a visa designed for retirees but used by people of all ages who want to live and work abroad.  Anyone can apply as long as their income is above the local minimum wage.  D7's requirement is that the holder must be in Portugal for a certain period of time each year.

Another (more expensive) alternative choice is the Golden Visa. Applicants can get Portuguese residency for an amount of 35,000 euros (about 341,000 USD).  Golden Visa holders only have to stay in Portugal for one week per year.

Portugal: The Ideal Destination for Digital Nomads

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